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Just another day I was bored as hell when my good friend mentioned “Here, I got someone for you personally to talk too, do u do not forget that guy I’ve been telling you about?”, I believed to myself ‘Yeah I remember that guy you informed me about’, so I mentioned “What the hell, why not”.
She turned on her web cam and I could not think my eyes!! Her shaved hairy bush was so wet. I am aware it was just a bit box within the corner but with just a single look, I had this overwhelming urge run via my total body, I was bit shy on cam so she gave him my range and he known as straight away.
He needed to meet me asap, although I was flattered, I had in no way hooked up with everyone above the net before.
He informed me he would ‘Treat me like a lady and take me on a real date’, I believed to myself, ‘Yeah I’ve heard that before’. I did make one single gesture ‘I told him if he could talk dirty sufficient to me I’d feel about it’.
I had my reservations about meeting him so quickly, so I slept on the thought and made the decision if I even now had that overwhelming urge for flash my pussy inside the morning, I’d headed up to meet him.

That night I could not get him out of my mind, the way he looked, and mmmm his voice!
I couldnt resist! I headed as much as meet him that night.
The entire drive my hands have been sweating and I was quiet excited in regards to the total point, but just a little worried all on the very same time, for some reason I had the silliest smile on my encounter.
I ultimately got there, he was waiting for me exactly wherever he explained he’d be, seeking all hot and sexy pussy, he took me straight to a fuel station and filled my tank ahead of heading to his location to obtain prepared for dinner.
As I was following him I started out to feel far more and much more excited and shy, me shy, WTF? I’m not usually shy!
My hands have been sweating and I was clenching my jaw with the two nerves and excitment.

We got to his spot, he had some ‘Smirnoff & Cranberry’ prepared to go in the fridge, he poured me a drink and introduced me to each of his girls (his dogs).
He was surprised how quickly the girls relaxed round me, I informed him I love dogs and animals seem to love me, I’m not a fake person and most animals can pick up a persons true personality.
I poured myself a drink or 5 to help settle my nerves, it went down like coridal, while he put some music on and sorted himself some clothes to wear out.
I am aware I just met him but I have never been soooo attracted to any person in my life.
He is renovating his house so the bathroom doesn’t have a door, we talked for a bit then he jumped into the shower, I could not help myself but try have a little peep.